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A Proverbial Journey - Day 12

Write 31 Days - Proverbs 12:1, 18

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Read: Proverbs 12

Verses: 1,18 (NLT)

(1)"To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction. (18) Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing."

I love how many of these Proverbs just lay it on the line. They don't try to "soft sell" anything. I don't know about you, but . . .

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October 12, 2017

A Proverbial Journey - Day 11

Write 31 Days - Proverbs 11:4, 30

Silvrback blog imageRead: Proverbs 11

Verses: 4 and 30 (NLT)

"Riches won’t help on the day of judgment, but right living can save you from death." (NLT) 

"The seeds of good deeds become a tree of life; a wise person wins friends." (NLT)

Thanks for sticking with me (and giving me grace to post today instead of . . .

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October 12, 2017

A Proverbial Journey - Day 10

Write 31 Days - Proverbs 10:25

Silvrback blog image Read: Proverbs 10

Verses: 25 (NLT)

"When the storms of life come, the wicked are whirled away, but the godly have a lasting foundation."

I love this verse and the promise it represents. When, not if, the storms of life come. So, we know and obviously, God knows that we will have difficulty in this . . .

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October 10, 2017

A Proverbial Journey - Day 9

Write 31 Days - Proverbs 9:10

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Read: Proverbs 9

Verse: 10 (AMP)

"The [reverent] fear of the Lord [that is, worshiping Him and regarding Him as truly awesome] is the beginning and the preeminent part of wisdom [its starting point and its essence], And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding and spiritual insight."

. . .

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October 09, 2017

A Proverbial Journey - Day 8

Write 31 Days - Proverbs 8:9-10

Silvrback blog imageRead: Proverbs 8

Verses: 9-10 (NLT) 

"My words are plain to anyone with understanding, clear to those with knowledge. Choose my instruction rather than silver, and knowledge rather than pure gold." 

These verses refer to wisdom. I'm so thankful that we can ask for wisdom and it will be made plain . . .

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October 08, 2017

A Proverbial Journey - Day 7

Write 31 Days - Proverbs 7:2-3

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Read: Proverbs 7

Verses: 2-3 (NLT)

"Obey my commands and live! Guard my instructions as you guard your own eyes. Tie them on your fingers as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart."

These verses made me think of my years in Awana and other church programs where I would memorize Scripture. . . .

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October 07, 2017

A Proverbial Journey - Day 6

Write 31 days - Proverbs 6:16-19

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Read: Proverbs 6

Verses: 16-19 (NLT) 

There are six things the Lord hates-no, seven things he detests:
    haughty eyes, (being proud) 
    a lying tongue,
    hands that kill the innocent,
    a heart that plots evil,
     . . .

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October 06, 2017


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