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A Five Minute Friday Challenge

Silvrback blog image //Waiting feels like sitting in a dark room when the electricity has gone out. Waiting is a part of my prayer life. A hard part, for sure. I don't always see immediate answers. The power feels like it's gone and I can't do anything, but that is exactly what Jesus wants! 

He wants me to sit and be patient; to trust and have . . .

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October 29, 2019


A Five Minute Friday Challenge

Silvrback blog image

From my journal: //"Listen to My heart, My words and My will for you. When you pray, include time to listen to Me." 

So often I come to my time of prayer with MY list. I'm slowly learning to spend more time in adoration and thankfulness. Can you imagine what your relationship would be like if you ALWAYS talked or complained to . . .

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October 06, 2019