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Share Four Somethings - December

Silvrback blog imageWow, we have come to the final day of 2023, at least that is when I've started to write this. It has been an interesting year for sure. During Advent, the season of waiting, I found myself in the "both/and" of life. Some joy mingled with sadness, but choosing to trust God with it all. Once again I'm joining Jennifer and the other writers in . . .

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January 01, 2024

November - Share Four Somethings

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Here we are at the end of another month (a few days ago) and the beginning of the final month of 2023. It has flown by. Check out my recap of November as I joined with Jennifer and the other writers

Something Loved: I love the holidays! This month was Thanksgiving of course, and we had some time with our lovely . . .

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December 03, 2023

October - Share Four Somethings

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The days are getting shorter and the nights (and the dark) are longer. We've had a very warm fall so far, but it has turned cold this week. Join me as I share a few things from this past month and check out Jennifer's post along with some other writers. 

Something Loved: I've done a little baking this month. I love the . . .

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October 31, 2023


Five Minute Friday Challenge

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                                                                 Photo credit: Cindy Wilkins

What do we anticipate? I look forward to date nights with my husband, an . . .

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October 16, 2023

September - Share Four Somethings

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Here it is the end of September (a few days later, as of this posting) and ALL things Fall and Pumpkin flavored have arrived. I'm joining Jennifer and other writers for my retrospective of the past month. 


Something Loved: Time off from work to be with our daughter after ankle surgery! It was very . . .

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October 02, 2023

August 2023 - Share Four Somethings

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Wow, with the temperatures in the high 90's and the heat index (feels like temp.) over 100 degrees, it's been a long week. Here we are approaching the end of August already, so I'll get right to my "Share Four Somethings" along with Jennifer and the other bloggers

Something Loved: I love when I see co-workers succeed. . . .

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August 28, 2023

July 2023 - Share Four Somethings

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Time keeps marching on, doesn't it? A co-worker was reminding me that we are MORE than halfway through the year and then I had the thought that it's less than 5 months until Christmas...and cold and maybe snow. Of course, with our 105 heat index temperatures this past week, that doesn't sound too bad. Ha ha.  Here we are at the end . . .

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July 31, 2023


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