Focus Upward


A Five Minute Friday Challenge

 Silvrback blog image//There are so many different ways to look at BEAUTY.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty is fleeting...

One of my favorite Scriptures is from Isaiah 61:3, where God promises to make BEAUTY from ashes. 

"To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous . . .

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February 25, 2018


A Five Minute Challenge

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To agree or not

That is the dilemma now

Just love like Jesus.

//I think people have long forgotten the old adage "Agree to disagree". So many people seem so angry all the time. However, I think that's the wrong phrase. A new phrase that keeps rolling around in my mind that I heard Graham Cooke say the other . . .

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February 07, 2018


A Five Minute Challenge

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Surrender means to give up, to abandon, to yield or resign. I have always considered "Surrender" in a negative context. I have to give up something or stop doing something. Such as in the imagery of putting one's hands up (as in CSI or Blue Bloods) when someone is being arrested in the presence of the police. The person is guilty and . . .

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January 28, 2018

Simply Motivate to Courage

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//Happy New Year everyone. Even though we are already 2 weeks into 2018, I feel like I'm still finding my way. I've had it in my mind and heart to write 3 blog posts already and have just not found the motivation (or headspace or time) to sit down and write. So, I'm finding the courage to write again and in . . .

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January 17, 2018


A Five Minute Challenge

Silvrback blog imageThe prompt this week is: Excuse

//"Excuse", noun (ik-skyoos), a plea offered in extenuation of a fault or for release from an obligation, or a promise OR "Excuse", verb (ik-skyooz), to release a . . .

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November 18, 2017


A Five Minute Challenge

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Last month, as many of you know, I wrote a blog post a day for 31 days. I NEEDED a break. So, I've had a few days of just reading and "being" and now, I'm ready to write on most Fridays again.

There are so many needs in this world.

Some need peace, others need rest. 

Some need a job, others need to . . .

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November 05, 2017

A Proverbial Journey - Day 19

Write 31 Days - Proverbs 19:8,20

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Read: Proverbs 19

Verse: 8 and 20 (NLT)

"To acquire wisdom is to love yourself; people who cherish understanding will prosper."

"Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life."

There are so so many gems in the pages of Proverbs to discover and uncover! I love these . . .

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October 20, 2017