Focus Upward

Is God Good?

Write 31 Days Challenge - Day 10

During my 31 days of writing this month, I'm also reading Lysa TerKeurst's fascinating book, "Uninvited". (I blogged about chapter 1 here.) In chapter 2 she challenges us to develop an "intimacy-based identity" and asks the reader to answer 3 questions: 

1. Is God good? I can say with confidence, that yes, God is good. Some days I . . .

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October 10, 2016


Write 31 Days Challenge - Day 9



I am grateful to have been in ministry this weekend with a great group of friends! 

What are you grateful for today? 

Connect with the rest of my write 31 days series.

Connect with other bloggers writing about inspiration and faith.

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October 09, 2016

Choose Joy

Write 31 Days Challenge - Day 8

Psalm 126:1-3:

 "When the Lord changed Zion’s circumstances for the better,it was like we had been dreaming. Our mouths were suddenly filled with laughter; our tongues were filled with joyful shouts. It was even said, at that time, among the nations, 'The Lord has done great things for them!'  . . .

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October 08, 2016


Write 31 Days Challenge - Day 7

Remember  means to call to mind, to think of again. A few months ago I wrote in my journal in response to a blog by Bonnie Gray. The question was, "What is Jesus whispering you to remember?"

I want you (Pam) to remember My faithfulness to you. I have redeemed you, restored you, rescued you, and provided for you. I will do it again, . . .

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October 07, 2016

Don't Look Back

Write 31 Days - Day 6


rearview mirror

I have discovered that I have a bad I come to a stop, or a yield, I look in the rearview mirror and if someone is going a little too fast for my taste, I pray...please don't hit me, Jesus be my rear guard. Ok, maybe not a bad habit, but certainly not healthy. Maybe it's a carryover from being rear ended 2 times, . . .

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October 06, 2016

Proverbs 31:25

Write 31 Days Challenge - Day 5

This Scripture brings much comfort to my soul during tough seasons. (Even though it says "she", I believe we can all learn from this Scripture.)

 I pray it is a blessing for you today as you focus upward. 

proverbs May we all take our fears to Jesus as He clothes us with His strength!  

Connect with the rest of . . .

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October 05, 2016

Keys to the Kingdom

Write 31 Days Challenge - Day 4

One Saturday morning, I was on my way to lead worship at a Women's Event. I had brownies that needed to go into one building and my music, purse, cell phone, coffee, etc. that needed to go into the main building. I was trying to figure out how do this efficiently, so thought I could take the brownies in first and then grab the rest of my . . .

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October 03, 2016


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