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A Five Minute Friday Challenge

Silvrback blog imageThis week's Five Minute Friday Challenge prompt was "future". Go! 

When I was younger, I always thought about my future...I wanted to graduate high school and college, I wanted to get married and have children. You know, the basic stuff. However, I was always looking ahead. Some days, I was more anxious than others about what . . .

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June 03, 2017


A Five Minute Friday Challenge

                                                      Silvrback blog image 

Today as I reflect on the word "mom" several things come to mind. 

1. I am a daughter...I love my Mom dearly because she has been . . .

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May 14, 2017

Do You Need More...?

A Five Minute Friday Challenge

Hello, friends! This post is part of Kate Motaung's "Five Minute Friday," which she hosts on her blog and on Facebook. This week's prompt was "more". 

As I sat and pondered the word "more", I reflected on how our society always wants "more". Anything that is bigger, must certainly be better. I also thought now that . . .

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April 29, 2017